Switzerland Global Enterprise is the Swiss Government entity in charge of promoting and facilitating the export of Swiss companies and investment in the country. To provide these support services, it collaborates with approved companies in the different countries in which it has offices, as they have been selected as preferential markets.

Our company was selected by this organisation to provide implementation and consultancy services to Swiss companies wishing to enter the Spanish market or invest in our country through the creation of a subsidiary. HS Asesores’ extensive experience in helping many foreign companies to establish themselves in Spain over the last few decades, mainly in innovative and technological sectors, has been decisive. During this time they have worked with companies from different European countries, as well as from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil or India. In addition, as with Switzerland, our company is a reference consultant for other national export and investment promotion agencies such as Business Finland, Entreprise Ireland, Business Sweden, the Italian and French Chambers of Commerce.

It has also been approved to provide innovation services to Swiss companies and organisations. Switzerland ranks first in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) ranking of innovative countries, making it one of the most important R&D&I countries in the world. Its high level of demand in innovative activities, with global companies, makes this collaboration an inspiring challenge for our company.

With this service, HS Asesores will be able to provide support to Swiss companies that want to find partners in the Spanish market, either to export, to validate innovation projects or to invest. We also help with the establishment of subsidiaries in Spain, as well as the selection of personnel, the localisation of companies, advice on tax and financial matters in our country, and the management of their human resources. Besides this, supporting innovation processes, from the idea to the market launch of innovative solutions, defining their business models and value proposition.